Rational minds produce simple tools that help in daily operations. Our focus is on neat, small & smart solutions. We believe in keeping things as simple as possible and to produce something that is just to the point, instead of gas guzzling machines. Our tools are easy to deploy and maintain and do not require a specialized environment with huge hardware. We believe in green IT, and for that, we must use the resources which are at our disposal effectively, before mining for more new resources.

The tools need minimal or zero configuration, thus reducing the expertise required to maintain and sustain the environment. The tools are to ease out the operations, rather than bringing their own piece of a nuisance with them. The philosophy is, I should care about my car, not the jack, the jack should work fine whenever I need it.

The human resources should have more and more time to innovate, rather than doing repetitive jobs. Organizations need to expend human capital to harness the power of mind towards innovation, making things better for every tomorrow. Our goal is to help organizations to free their mind and run in the directions, where they had set their sails for. The tools that we produce are free to use for an undisclosed time. One can simply download the tools, install and use as per one's requirement. Please check the license terms associated with every tool and utility.


Pluto enables log search on distributed environment from single interface. Just drop the safe and secure Charon jars as per instructions on nodes where search is to be done, and all is set. Pluto does not store, index, export, import logs to anywhere else, you will be just able to search the logs present on particular node or server. Pluto doesn't do analytical search or history creation. It is just what many people who engage in day-to-day IT operations require. Pluto is tier 1 & 2 support level tool who support, troubleshoot applications as their daily job. Instead of looking for current logs by logging into servers or using any command line interface throwing dumb results, people can look into results sorted by date in the time zones they want. Pluto is very simple to install and use. It requires very simple hardware and simple java container to run (preferably Apache Tomcat®) to run and don't take any configuration rather than installing agents and creating users to whom you want give access to this tool. The agents come with well-established default parameters which work. It's ready to use as soon you install it. It requires almost no training to use the tool as interface is very simple, predictable and looks obvious everywhere.

Pluto version 4.0 now comes with powerful algorithm to search log files on time ranges to the accuracy of a second. This facility is very useful for support/ devops teams to find what they are looking for, from a pile of log files scattered all over network.

The results are quick as tool uses parallel computation everywhere to gather and compile the results. Users can get results in their time zone, system has capability to identify dates in correct time zones and converts them to desired time zones (currently five time zones are supported), this helps people to put results in right time context thus easing out chronological analysis. Pluto also lists out the non-dated logs into separate tab, to keep results separate.

Pluto has feedback mechanism too, when a search is made tool lists out all the fault, restrictions, limitations that it faced while gathering and compiling the result. Several restrictions are engrained into system from security perspective. Number of concurrent searches, size of data set etc.. is limited to an extent to avoid any issues on the guest and host servers.

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Click here to explore live demo of Pluto. The data in demo is not real and is generated randomly.

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There are several plugins that are available to send mass emails, run email campaigns etc. The problem is they are not free, and if they are free they impose limits on the number of emails or insert their advertisement in the mail body. However, they are pretty intuitive and super easy to use. But paying money for such a simple service, at least I do not want to do it if it's just for sending greeting cards without any business motive.

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Date parser is a free library for parsing date and time from simple text. Date Parser does not only identify the date and time but also converts it into valid java date object. This library is not based on NLP (Natural Language parsing) and cannot identify context-based references. Date Parser can identify dates in any prescribed java date format in most efficient manner using linear identification algorithm. It also tells about pattern, length and position of the date fragments in the given text.

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